Chapter 57: Handmade with Love

How precious are these sweaters? 
My Mom's Mom knits and does an AMAZING job.  She made the girls precious little hats to wear home from the hospital (and they were worn! WORN OUT!) She and my Nanny also made them beautiful pink and white blankets, which are on display in their nursery. 

Look how little! See their precious hats?

The sweaters will be passed down as our family grows! Where are they headed to next? Off to Aunt Melissa and Uncle Sean's house they will go. Sweet baby girl Raylyn will also love her sweater!  They seemed very cozy and enjoyed wearing their first set of pearls. I can't believe the girls are 4 1/2 moths old.. time is flying by! 
Rather too quickly... 

Your Great Grammie and Nanny love you! 

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  1. These sweaters are beautiful, and so are the girls!!!