Chapter 56: Rice Cereal Anyone?

Our pediatrician, Dr Dollins, gave us the go ahead for rice cereal. 
Oh how fun... so we thought. Hadley and Layton thought otherwise.  We are now on night 5 of rice cereal.  Layton has taken to it much more then Hadley. Poor Hadley, she wants NONE of it! Here are few pictures of our experiences thus far.  After one week of rice cereal we are allowed to start tying veggies.  The Dr recommended staying on one vegetable per week to check for food allergies. We will start fruits at six months of age!  We are hoping that veggies will be more exciting than the cereal.  

Have a great weekend! Enjoy a nice bowl of cereal...

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  1. But Layton is the one fussing in the picture. They both will get used to it.