The twins turn THREE!

Hadley and Layton's Royal 3rd Birthday Affair was in October... and life has been just a little busy, therefore, I am just now getting around to catching up! {as it continues to fly by!} 

 The girls invited all of their girl friends and their Mommas to a royal mother-daughter Princess brunch! 
They had a wonderful time dressed like princess' with their friends.

The theme of their party was PRINCESS! The girls play dress up daily, so we knew this would be perfect for them! I had their invitations designed by, Emili at Emmy Jo Parties through Etsy, and cannot say enough wonderful things about her! She took my ideas and made the perfect invitation. All in all, the day was filled with little princess', a delicious brunch for the mommas and girls, cupcakes, coloring and crown crafting. It was the sweetest!!  

Daddy, Poppa, Uncle Sean and Grumps enjoyed brunch in another area! :) 

{warning: LOADS of pictures!} 

 As the princess' arrived, they enjoyed making their own crowns. 

After brunch was served we headed outside to blow out candles, color, blow bubbles & enjoy the beautiful day with the
 birthday girls!

How cute are all of the girls in their princess dresses? 
I can't get over it! 

Friendships mean A LOT to me. I cherish my girlfriends and want Layton and Hadley to have the same experiences as they grow up! I wanted to share a little bit about each of the Mommas/Daughters that came to their princess brunch, simply because they mean so much to us! 

Aunt JoJo and LaLa {who both wore their own personal crowns from home!}

My Aunt Joanie lives in Richardson, so she is able to enjoy all of the fun family festivities. We love that they lives close! My Mom, Dad and Lynley (where is your picture, Lynley??) live in Coppell! The twins love having both sets of Grandparents close... SO DO WE! 
We love that we have them right down the road. Family means so much to Michael and I. We feel blessed with the most wonderful parents and siblings!

Brinley and Amy {Friends from Preschool! Brinley and the twins are also in dance together! Amy and I are in a bible study/Moms group, too}

Table Shot!

 Meredith and Sloane {Friends from our twins- we became close through our babies and have become even closer as our twins have grown up //& they just moved to McKinney!!//
 Meredith is also apart of the Multiplicitees crew!} 

{Danielle and Kinsley- neighborhood friends- we meet this past summer when we were both pregnant with our littlest}

Amanda and Addy {Amanda and I went to high school together and have continued to have a wonderful friendship as we raise our girls! Amanda and her husband are also in our life group} 

{Becky and Finley Grace- We used to teach at Ashley Elementary together and have stayed best friends!! Becky is expecting her second girl!}

{Katherine and Sharon- we meet through our twin pregnancy and have remained close, while raising our twins! We were both Kinder teachers.  Kaden, Katherine's twin brother, was home with Daddy!}

{Haley, Abby and Denise! Haley is my sister in law & Denise is my mother in law! We are fortunate to have them right down the road from us.  The girls will love having cousins close in age!}

{Wimberly and Lacey- I met Lacey when I worked at Ashley Elementary. We both started our first year in Frisco ISD together and have remained friends! Graham was at home with Daddy!}

{Kali and Remi- I met Kali through a good friend and coworker, Kayla! Kali has a little boy, Benton, too!  They live right down the road! We have enjoyed their friendship as a couple for over 5 years now}

{Jessie and Cam-- The Lee's are in our life group! We meet them through Hope Fellowship Church three years ago and have loved watching our friendship grow!}

Lunch was served... and I obviously was the only one interested in a picture! 

{Sloane and Ashley- these two made the drive to celebrate with us! SO sweet of them! I meet Ashley through our twins and have enjoyed working with Ashley through Multiplicitees
 Keegan was at home with Daddy!} 

 {Raylyn and Aunt Lissa came with our first BOY cousin! Hayes was only 7 days old! 
We love that they are just minutes away! We have weekly playdates with "Raygirl!"}

Brittany didn't make a picture- but, she came to celebrate too! She left Hudson home with Daddy so she could come and enjoy the princess party! Brit and I met through, Lindsey! I have loved getting to know her more over the past three years! 

Tanya and Lorelei didn't make a picture! How did that happen? Tanya and I met through teaching Kindergarten. She has the sweetest heart and I loved having her as a teammate! Liam is in Kinder this year! I would have loved to teach him. 

Lindsey and Harper arrived late due to a soccer game! Lindsey and I meet over 6 years ago and have become best friends. Lindsey and Austin are also in our life group and now have a little guy, Greyson!! Harper is a year older than the twins and they LOVE to play with Harper! Look at those smiles.

Happy Birthday, H&L! We LOVE you so much!
Mommy & Daddy