Ally Ann turns ONE

Our littlest sweetie is O-N-E! 

Michael and I can't believe that she has been with us for a year. She is the most precious little girl and has made going from a family of four to five very doable {she's a little doll baby, you guys!}
Thank the LORD! 
We did a family only birthday for her because 
A.  let's be real. She doesn't know it's her birthday. 
and B. it's just easier planning a party for 15 people vs 50 people.

We had the most fun paint party for our little masterpiece! 

How cute was her invitation?  (left image) And those cute little m&m paint cans?? 

Snacks on her party day! 

Pictures of her first year!  Family was able to pick and choose which ones they wanted to bring home and then the left over images went straight into her baby book!

The kids all made a cute hand flamingo craft and then colored at the kids table 

For lunch we served chili pie! SO easy and YUMMY you guys! I highly recommend it! 

paint and lollipops for all of the little guests

Cousin love

picnic party for lunch

Nanny, Hadley and Ally Ann

All in all it was a wonderful party.
 We loved celebrating this little girl.