Chapter 49: 3 Months Old!

We joyfully welcome.... 

Twin Talk:
The girls are beginning to smile more and take in the surroundings around them! We have little lizards among us as they have learned their tongues and hands!  Their hands open and shut, come together, swipe at toys, and go straight to their mouth!It is so neat to watch them pull their hands to their mouths... I am not sure why I think this is cute, I just do! :) They are starting to look all around, therefore I know they are seeing much better. Both girls have great neck strength. When we hold them in our laps, their heads have very little wobble. They are also great little kickers. When we hold them on our laps, Hadley will push up to stand. Layton isn't as in a hurry to push up. Michael thinks that Hadley will be walking by 9 months. I give her till 12!

People always ask if the girls know that they have a sibling. I believe that the girls understand they have a sister...I have read that twins don't recognize their sibling until around 4 months of age. I can't wait to see their interactions. 

Hadley and Layton are consistently sleeping for a straight 5/6 hours each night. They sure love their pacifiers. I hope this is an easy habit to break. When they wake up at night, the pacifiers sooth them so well and they seem so happy to have them when they are upset. This Momma will do whatever it takes to keep these two sweet girls happy. Therefore, pacifiers it is!

During the day I am feeding them every 3 hours.  We have started nightly baths, and I truly feel that the warm water helps them sleep! 
(H & L- you don't like getting out of the bath! *tears*)

{Three Months}
We don't go to the doctor again until their 4 month check up, so I don't have much data to compare to previous months.

Layton Aaron

Weight: 10 lbs
Feeding:  5-6 oz during each feeding
Hadley McKee

Weight: 10lbs
Feeding: 4-5oz during each feeding

I am so thankful that the girls made it 3 months with no sickness. I am hopeful that we will continue this great streak of happiness and health!

I am ready to start running, but finding the time is hard.  When you have twins, it is so much harder to leave your husband with them alone.  When he gets home, we are in it together! I can't wait for warmer weather, then I'll be able to take the girls with me for a run in their running stroller.  I am planning on running a 5K with Becky and Lindsey in February. So, I have to find a few times a week to go for a run before it is too dark.  Humm... where to find the time?

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