Chapter 46: 9 Week Report Card

Last Wednesday marked nine weeks for our twins! I truly can't believe it! As a teacher and now a Mom, I have always believed that the early years of a child's life are the most important years. I feel it's so important to talk to your children, hug your children, and read to your children even when they are babies. These things will help form, the person your child will be!
As the nine week mark arrived-
The teacher in me immediately thought:  
For the past five years, my work life was built around nine week groupings of lots of hugs from children, lesson plans, centers, songs, and assessments that lead to report cards! Each nine weeks, the children went home with report cards. I think it is only fitting that our girls receive one, too! 
--Hadley and Layton's first report card--
Date: 12/12/12
Grade Level: Infant 
Teacher: Mommy Tennison 
Sleep: AMAZING! We wake you when your sister wakes us! :) You would be an 8hr night baby for sure.
Eat: 4-5oz-You eat on average a ounce less then Layton.
Bath Enjoyment: You love the warm water! It soothes you.
Movement: You have very strong neck muscles and look both directions. You have awesome little leg muscles, too! When holding you, you'll push up to stand! You also have noticed your hands and love to hold our fingers when we feed you. 
Talking: You are very vocal.  I often wonder if you are about to cry, but no... it's just you talking!
Crying: You are more a pouter and don't cry long when you do.
Over all grade: A+
Sleep: You wake up every 4 hours to eat.  It's amazing how your body keeps track of the time!
Food: 5oz at each feeding. You love to eat and you always finish your bottle.
Bath Enjoyment: You also love the warm water! You love kicking those sweet little legs!
Movement: You too have great head movement! You do great when laying on your belly and you do great following moving things that pass in front of you.  
Talking: You don't talk as much as your sister. You let her do all the talking. You have started to hum and use your vocal chords.
Crying: When you are hungry you cry (sometimes, scream!)  
Over all grade: A+

We sure love our happy, healthy twin girls! Parenting (and teaching) isn't an easy job, but it's one of the most rewarding things I'll ever do!

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