Chapter 44: A Day in the Life of a Twin Mom!

How do I make it through the day?
{routine, routine, routine}

A Day in the life of a TWIN Mom-
-Wake up, wash face/brush teeth, and head to the kitchen
-Pour two bottles of milk and start to warm
-Wake one baby
-Feed, change, put in a swing or lay flat 
 REPEAT with baby # 2
-Make our bed/clean kitchen (pump milk for a later feeding)
- Start a load of laundry
 -Time to feed again!
-Grab a little one- Whomever is awake
-Repeat above feeding process
-Eat lunch
-Tummy time and play-mat time
-By this time it is around 2:00pm
-Go on a walk/run with the girls (Thank you Lord for this beautiful weather!)
-Clean bottles/pump and store milk
-Start to prepare dinner
-Feed Hondo and Sophie
-Fold laundry that was washed and dried that morning
-Wait patiently/eagerly for Michael to arrive home to help with bath time and night feedings!

The list above would be a perfect day with no sad babies who want Momma time! Add a bunch of shushing, humming, kissing, holding, rocking, and singing in the mix and you have one tired Momma. (Note: this was just our DAY routine :) )

We are loving the holidays with these two angels!
Merry Christmas!

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