Chapter 36: Personalities at 3 Weeks

Our girls are growing, growing, growing!
 We have started to learn the differences in their sweet little personalities.
Hadley- You sweet girl are an amazing little sleeper. Day and night! You also love to look around with your beautiful eyes.  When we lay you down after a feeding, you just gaze at us!  You are just content and never whine.  You have learned how to get out of your swaddle, yet so has your sister. We love you!
Layton- My little angel you love to be awake. Thankfully, you are a great sleeper at night! You have a harder time going to sleep than your sister. You make all kinds of cute noises, but when you are asleep, you are out! You love to be held and snuggled.  We are being very careful about not spoiling you in this way, but oh how I love snuggling you under my chin! We love you!

Snugging with newborns has to be one of the sweetest, most wonderful things in the world!

Tennison Twin Facts at 3 Weeks!

*You both LOVE to be swaddled.

*You are drinking about 3oz of milk.  Mom feels like a cow! :) 
*You are sleeping for 3 hours in between feedings.
*How are feedings going, you may ask?  Well, Michael takes Hadley and I take Layton! You each take about 20 minutes to eat.
*You love stretching your little arms and legs before each feeding. It's the most precious thing we have even seen!
*When the dogs are playing or barking, it doesn't seem to bother you at all.
*You have moved from preemie diapers to newborns.
*For Halloween you are going to be dressed as little black cats!

We can't wait for your newborn photo shoot this upcoming weekend! 

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