Chapter 27- 35 weeks and Bedrest

35 weeks and bedrest it is! Bring on reading, blogging, Pinteresting, sleeping, and watching lots of recorded T.V. :)
We went to our 35 week check up and my blood pressure was elevated so off we went to have it monitored. Once we arrived at the hospital my blood pressure was back to normal! The good news is that it has stayed normal since then. I personally think my blood pressure rose when the doctor talked about giving me two shots.  *Flu and DTaP.  Umm... doesn't that make anyone have high blood pressure?  While I was in the hospital I was checked for early signs of preeclampsia. These results came back negative, so back home we went! Our Dr. wants me to keep my feet up (NO more shopping, organizing, or decorating!) :)

 Michael and I both have a feeling these babies will be here in the next week.  My goal has always been 36 weeks, because this was when my twin sister Melissa and I were born, and we went straight to the well born baby nursery. H & L--If your Momma did it, you can too! :) Our due date is October 18th. So, we are on a 14 day count down. We will see!! Everything is ready to go here at home.... so, when these babies are ready, we are ready too! Please keep us in your prayers as we know God is in control and will bring these babies in His timing.  We are ready for you sweet Hadley and Layton!!

P.S.- Once these little girls arrive, I will be posting much more on this blog! Feel free to leave your email address below in the location provided or become a follower of our blog!


  1. You are so going to love having these memories recorded. Remind me to show you how to archive your blog, so no "computer meany glitch" makes you loose it all. Also you can have your blog made into books later, maybe one each year. Your Family Yearbooks! Stay put Hadley and Layton.