Baby Talk: 38 Weeks

How Far Along: 38 weeks
We are on a daily count down over here and are SO excited!!! 

Size of Baby: No signs of labor as of our Dr. appt. last week. I'll go again on Thursday and we shall see!  

What you're doing this week: Our kitchen renovation has started and stage one is complete. Good bye ugly stain color that I didn't prefer, HELLO cream and black! You have lighted our kitchen and we LOVE you!! New knobs have been ordered and everything will go back into the cabinets this weekend. 

Cravings: Nothing too particular. Cereal has been a nice nightly snack this week.  

Sleep: Waking more throughout the night still, but still able to fall back asleep easily. 

Fetal Movement: She is ALL over. Feeling her move really is a gift! 

How are you feeling? Good, BIG, but good! 

Delivery: Any day before 2-25-15!

Weekend plans? Family time, a bow party, church, brunch in Dallas with other Momma's from the area!  

Twin Talk: Talk, talk, talk! The girls are simply amazing. There newest and CUTEST thing is telling us where to go, what to do. (as you read, read with your "r's" prounounced like a 2 year old "ear" instead of "errr".  
"Momma, put it over there". or "Please, come over here" or "Right here, dada!" Michael and I love it! They LOVE to sing. They don't know all the words to their favorite songs, so they make them up. They are both singing right now while adding in "baby" every few words as they talk to their baby dolls. (lap tops are amazing! I love watching them play, while documenting their little lives)  

  I took them to the park yesterday and we had so much fun playing. They did VERY well listening to me when I told them it was time to head home. This can be a struggle, as they LOVE the park! 

New few days?? This nesting Momma is getting our windows cleaned this week and I am excited about that.. who gets excited about windows being cleaned? I'm weird.. or pregnant. 
Ally Ann's nursery is COMPLETE! Pictures will be taken this week and I can't wait to show you all. I am waiting a few more days for her furniture that we had painted dries. We have her "area" set up in our room and a "area" in the living room. Ohh.. and then there is her nursery upstairs. She is taking over! (and that's JUST FINE!) 

Thank you to my sweet friend, Meredith, for snapping a few quick pictures of Ally Ann and I last week! I cherish this gals friendship and she happily snapped a few images in FREEZING weather! To be honest: I wasn't planning on taking any, but I made myself!

 We have picked out our newborn photographer and I am excited about that. Let's get real... I'll be taking 5 million +, too! I love photography and even though Michael has made me take a little break of capturing other families lives... It's still right there in my heart!  
Get ready, Michael. The camera wont be set down that much in the next few weeks. 

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