Baby Talk: 36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: 5 1/2 pounds, 20 inches. Most of Ally Ann's growth over the next month will be in weight (with a gain of anywhere from one pound to several.) No signs of labor as of our Dr. appt. this week. She is head down (eek) and doing great.
 *This was the number of weeks that we delivered the twins!

Name: Girl, Ally Ann

What you're doing this week: Michael and I (okay, maybe more I then he) have decided to start working on our kitchen re-do.  We are making it "ours". We have already done, out with the old and in with the new, for the microwave and dishwasher. Good- bye ugly black, hello beautiful stainless. Just the oven and stove left to replace. We had two companies come out to give us bids on the paint/stain for the cabinets. I'm searching for new hardware/pulls for the drawers. Can't wait for you to see. 
Renovation starts next Friday. YAY! 

Cravings: Nothing too particular. I do love sweets. And it does bother Michael when I say, as he suggests dinner, "Naa, doesn't sound good." ha!  

Sleep: I don't have a problem falling asleep due to my amazing maternity pillow, but I do still wake up to use the restroom more often! ugh.

Fetal Movement: She is ALL over. I love watching my belly move. It's the sweetest, neatest, craziest feeling E-V-E-R!

How are you feeling? Slower, much slower this week compared to last, but over all feeling good! Waddling is in full effect. Rolling in and out of bed is definantly there. And turning to yoga pants has officially turned to my outfit of choice. :)  

Delivery: Baylor McKinney, last week of February! We are going to try and are still praying for a VBAC. Last week, my blood pressure rose (mainly for just my Doctors appointment- It was back to normal each day after!) WAHOO! We are hopeful it doesn't go back up. Or that will mean, C-section.  
 To read our birth story with your twins, click HERE.

Weekend plans? My Mom, sisters and I are having a GIRLS get-a-way... just down the road in Dallas! We are staying at a amazing hotel and doing girlie things!!! I can't wait! I get excited thinking about doing this with Hadley, Layton and Ally Ann one day.  

Twin Talk: Talk, talk, talk! It's SO fun to hear them babble back and forth and say new things. I feel like 27 months was the turning point for talking. They are ALLLL over the place and it's so cute. *They LOVE playing in Ally Ann's nursery.
 *We tried out My Little Gym this week and they loved running around, swinging from the bars, walking along the balance beam, and jumping on the blow up trampoline. This will be something we frequent this summer. We can't wait!
*Stickers and paper=amazing and fun for the girls.   
*H&L got their first hair cut last week! They did great. I was afraid they wouldn't do well. But, they both sat like little angles and let the stylist trim away. They look adorable with their fresh hair cuts. 
*As I sit here and type on our laptop, they are playing with their dolls and singing, "twinkle, twinkle".

We may try out ballet next Friday! Tune in for WAY too many pictures. Have a great weekend!!

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