Baby Talk: 34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of Baby: 4 1/2 pounds *which is what H&L were about when they were born!  {Around 18 inches long}

Name: Girl, Ally Ann

{cold hands- warm hearts! 34 weeks}

What you're doing this week: We are finishing decorating the nursery! I ran a bunch of errands yesterday and have a few more items to order for Ally Ann. I am excited to start putting things together. Last week, Melissa and Lynley came over and helped place all the wall decorations. Can I tell you how excited it makes me to think that one day Layton, Hadley and Ally Ann will be doing this same thing? I love having sisters! They are a blessing!! 

Cravings: Nothing too particular. I do love having a bowl of cereal around 8pm each night. (But, I have to say that I loved this when I wasn't pregnant, too!) 

Sleep: Still great! Starting to roll a bunch more, but am still able to get a goods night rest. I have a wonderful maternity pillow that I sleep with each night.

Fetal Movement: Same! Her movements are different in how they feel at this part of the pregnacy. I know she isn't meaning to hurt me with her movements, but some of her jabs stop me in my tracks. 

How are you feeling? Still feeling good! Slower, much slower this week compared to last, but over all feeling good! It's tough for H&L to snuggle with me, and it's hard for me to tell that I can't hold them {all the time, which is how they would prefer}. But, overall great! 

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Delivery: Baylor McKinney, last week of February! We are going to try and are still praying for a VBAC. (vaginal birth after cesarean) It's been on my mind for a while and I think God has placed it there for a reason! 
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Weekend plans? Move Ally Ann's crib into her room (Sunday when Daddy gets home!!) Yes, he is gone on a boys hunting weekend. I know they will have a great time! The girls and I will be hanging around the house. So, come see us!  Once the girls go to bed tonight- I would love to start and {maybe} finish stenciling one of Ally Ann's walls! I also plan on working in their baby books tonight or tomorrow night. I would love to get those up to date. EEEK- I haven't been the best at keeping those up! When Daddy get's home on Sunday we are watching the Cowboys play (and win!)Then, I am off to a baby shower for a friend and then to a good-bye dinner for my sweet friend, Meri, who is moving to New York. I am going to miss her!!! 

Twin Talk: The girls are doing great with Ally Ann. They both call her by name, give her kisses, hugs, and love on her daily. They understand that there is a baby growing in Mommys belly. They even call her nursery, "Ally Ann's room." Are we nervous about how they will react when baby girl arrive, YES!! Yes, we are! Both H&L are Momma's girls. Thus, bringing in a baby may be tough for them. We will soon see!! They are showing signs of being ready to potty train. Lots of discussion is being had about this, as we were wanting to wait to 2 1/2! EEK! 

Have a great weekend!!

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