Ally Ann at 5&6 months

Paging Miss Personality....
Oh, there she is- smiling, talking and giggling to anyone who will speak to her! 
 5 months

These six months with you have been an absolute blast!

You sleep: on your back, side, and belly! :) 
You roll: everywhere
You drink: 5/6 nursing periods and have a sippy cup of water that you mostly play with after lunch and dinner!
You eat: pureed foods {you have tried and love: sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, and carrots}
You sleep: 7pm-7am! :) Praise the Lord! We did a few nights of sleep training and now you sleep like a champ. 
Teeth: none at the moment- but they look like they will be popping up soon!
You are working on sitting on your own.

6 months old! 

We love you Ally Ann!! 

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