Chapter 62: Phases of Life

What is God wanting to show or guide me to do in this phase of my life? 

I think it important for everyone to enjoy the phase of life that they are in currently. As of now, I find myself in a "figure it out" parenting phase of life. How long do the girls nap? {Figure it out.} How long do we swaddle them for? {Figure it out.}  Should we be feeding them veggies? or wait? {Figure it out.} How do we pack for a long overnight trip? {Figure it out.} I am starting to believe that this phase that we are in will continue LONGER than I am expecting. It's parenting, right? 

 I feel that we go through phases in life quite often. I see many of the {figure it out} stages as: high school, college, new jobs, new relationships, old relationships, and the list goes on! I find myself asking, "God, what would you have me do to make a difference in the phase of life that you have me in right now." This statement is so powerful! I feel that the phase that I am in has lasted longer than any other phase. Now, I know that high school and college were each four years, and YES that is and was a long time, yet, I feel that this newborn phase has out lasted and will outlast the past ones! 

As I wait for God to work through me and answer this statement, my prayer is this: 

Heavenly Father: Give me Your perspective.  You are the source of Joy in every life stage. Help me today to not lose my joy in this phase of life.  Open my eyes to see myself in this wonderful place and enjoy (more so than I already am!) Use my hands as yours to make a difference. 

I hope you are able to find the joy in the season of life you are currently in.
 As my Grammie says, "Find Joy in your Journey!" 

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