Chapter 94: Happy Birthday Eve!

This time last year I was laying in a hospital bed. {scared}
I was actively praying for patience for your arrival. 
I was praying for strength as I was scared to death of a c-section.
 I was praying for your health as I was nervous about the idea of you having to go to the NICU. 
I was praying for our family as we were about to go from Michael and Me to Michael and his 3! 
Your Daddy and I have continued to keep prayer at the center of your life. From the day you were born, until now, you have been loved on and prayed over. As I sit here while you are sleeping, I have tears in my eyes.  
We are blessed to have been given such amazing gifts. Tomorrow is your first birthday. You will open many gifts! I am excited to see your excitement! (or lack there of.. do one year olds understand gifts?)
But, what you don't realized is that you are the 
biggest and best
gifts to us.  

Happy Birthday Eve, 
Layton & Hadley

Mommy and Daddy

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