Chapter 68: Wow..One Long Chapter Book

With each chapter that I write... this book/blog seems to just keep on growing! I can't wait to "publish it" after the girls turn one. Wait, 1?!? Let's just stop there.  Oh, how I want time to just freeze!! Last night, as I was getting up to pat one of the girls back to sleep, and I thought to myself, "Man, I am ready for the girls to stop waking up at night for a pacifier or back pat." But, then I thought to myself,  "When that does happen, the girls will be older.. and I don't want them to grow older!" Therefore, I don't mind patting their precious little backs! I have loved every stage the girls have been through. It has been so much fun! I love watching them grow each day. Yes, this will be one L-O-N-G chapter book but I am excited to be able to share it with the girls one day.

Hadley and Layton:
You are 6 months old! I can't believe it.  You are both the sweetest little girls.  As much as you are the same, you are also very different and I can't wait to see if your personalities will change as you grow older.

Your Mommy and Daddy had their first weekend away last weekend. We missed you terribly, but we knew you were having fun with your Grandparents while Mommy and Daddy were able to enjoy some time with friends and extra hours of sleep. I also ran errands with no time limit and dinner and drinks were an added bonus to the great weekend.

Today was beautiful. The sun was shinning, the windows were open, music was on.. so, I danced for you. You both just stared at me. I do have to add that I laughed at myself.. just a little! (let's hope no one was peeking through the window!)  Layton, you just smiled and smiled!! Hadley, you looked at me with the thought, "Mom.. stop, you are embarrassing me!" I had fun!

You are both working on sitting up on your own. I surround you with pillows. I do have to add that it is pretty humorous watching you s-l-o-w-l-y lean/fall different directions. Layton, I think you will sit on your own first and Hadley I think you will crawl first! You love to pull your knee's under your tummy! Hadley, you are a roller. You ROLL ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Literally, today you rolled from one side of the office to the other.  When I cheered for you, you smiled! I love your little grin! I don't get one as often as I do from Layton. So, when you give out that smile, it melts my heart into a million pieces. Man, I love you, two! Layton, you love to play with your toys, so you don't roll as much as Hadley! But, you too do great when you decide to.

God gave you one crazy (and I'd like to think fun) Momma... I feel blessed to get to raise you two precious little ones! He gave me one busy job... but, it's one job that I'll always be thankful for!

My view of the day...

Our office/play room! I spy diapers and wipes.. anyone else? 

Play time with Mommy!
 I sure love this view... 

 Hadley... looking out the window!

  Layton... reading a book! 

I Love You!

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