Chapter 69: Pardon the Mess...

My Mom got us this... how did she know?

I know the memories of our home looking like Baby R Us will one day end. Before we know it the swings and bouncers will get moved to the attic and play kitchens and toys will cover the floor. (Well, I plan on attempting to have baskets for the girls to place their toys.) Until that day comes, I wanted to share a few pictures of how our home looks. The good, bad, and the (ugly) toy world that it has become. Get ready... PS- if you aren't wanting children any time soon... stop reading now! For those that know me, having my house torn apart has been hard. I have become a little OCD with our kitchen. I want it spotless with nothing on the counters at all times. I like to think that's because it's the only place the girls can't run over with toys. I know.. I know.. the kitchen will soon become a fun place to play! 

Warning: Picture overload! 

Our living room now has two babies, two bouncer chairs, a swing, and two bouncy seats! We have moved the play mats to the office. Yup... it's crazy to say the least! 

Wanna come play with us? Yeah.. you know you want too!!  

 You each have your own swing. But, we moved one into your nursery.

 Your car seats are parked in the foyer.

We moved the play mats to the office. That gave us more room in the living room. You should have seen it when we had TWO swings and both play mats in the living room. That would give ya a good laugh!! OR a good cry when you try to run through it in the dark to attend to a crying baby and you jam your toe. Ouch is an understatement. I screamed along with Laylay!

 Meal time, yum! You eat in the green and pink bumbo chairs on our island.  I'm excited for you to move up to your adorable high chairs. Aren't they cute? You also love to watch Mommy clean the kitchen and Daddy cook. I love theses fabulous little seats. 

 Bath time has moved from the sink sling to this.. He's pretty cute!

You love to roll and kick the ball on this fun little mat! We are borrowing it from your cousin Raylyn until she is big enough to use it! Thanks, Rayray!

Our cabinets have become this... 

and drawers...

Our living room...

I spy Hadley


Our life as a family has changed... but, these two furry friends still love us none the less.

Sweet Sophie 

Hondo adores you both! He has yet to eat one of your toys. What a great big brother he is!

These memories will fade, this I know! But, I wanted them documented in pictures to watch them change as you both grow! 

Bring on the toys... 


  1. I feel ya girl! My brother in law walked in and said, geez you think a baby lives here? Just you wait buddy!!

  2. Good memories. Yes, take lots of pictures. There will come a time it will be hard to remember. I know you think not, but it will.