Pre-School 2014-2015

To put the girls in preschool... or to NOT put the girls in preschool. 
Those were the questions we battled. 

I found that many of the churches in the area offered a two day preschool for children 18-24 months. The older kiddos have the option for three days a week. I knew that I wanted to get the girls in some type of structured play/learning environment. So, I started doing some research.

I, originally, thought that I would start next Fall when they are turning three. 
Well... when we found out that we were expecting our third little one, plans got moved up. 

 I was in the first trimester COMPLETE exhaustion stage and the girls wanted to GO-GO-GO all the time. *and still do* I knew that being at home with a outing here and there just wasn't kicking it for them anymore. I also knew that when this belly gets even BIGGER and I am preparing for the the new baby to arrive, that two days of fun and go-go-go will be just what the girls need. 

We got the girls on the wait lists for all of the churches in the area. Yes, WAIT lists. ugh. Who would have thought they would ALL be full. Finally, two weeks before school started, we got the call that the girls got into Cottonwood Creek Baptist Pre-School/Mother's Day Out program. YAY! 

Treats for their teachers! 
Soooo many things TO DO before their big day/meet the teacher.  
I ordered the matching mini monogramed backpacks and lunch boxes, hurried and picked out fabric for their nap mats and dropped off the supplies at LaLa's house to be made/sewed. 
(LaLa only had a few days before we needed them completed. Sorry- lala! You rock!) 

We went to Meet the Teacher and meet their teacher and classmates (10 kidos)
I was nervous for them. BUT, was completely at peace, because they had each other. 

The first day of preschool, I got to the church early, tried to take a few pictures, and strolled the girls into "school!" 

Here are a few!

 In we go!

I think every child in their class has an October birthday. 

I strolled the girls in, signed them in to their classroom, held back the tears and they ran in to play. A few whimpers as they turned around and saw me walk away. 
Don't you worry! I hung out in their hall way (yes, I was THAT Momma). 
After a few minutes they were playing and making friends. I knew then, I could go. It was harder on me than I thought. But, it is wonderful and the girls have a blast! 

The girls LOVE preschool and each morning we we go they get excited about seeing their teachers and friends. 

Daddy walked us in today!! 

The cuteness over load with them wearing their backpacks and holding their lunch sacks was adorable! 

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