Baby Talk- 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of Baby: We will find out in two weeks!  
What You’re Doing this week: The girls are in preschool on Monday/ Wednesday! So, I'll be running errands on those days. On Tuesday, Melissa, Mom, Claire & Knox, and the twins and I will be heading to the Perot Museum in Dallas. The rest of the week uneventful! We may head to the Pumpkin Patch on Thursday.  

Cravings: Nothing particular
Sleep: I am sleeping as much as possible :) I think I nap more now then I did when we had newborns. 

New News:  I am feeling baby girl move! It's been interesting, as I don't feel her as much as the twins. She has a lot more room.  

Name: Not settled on, just yet! 

Fetal Movement: I feel her about once/twice a day! 

Mommy and Baby Details: Nothing fun to announce yet! She is growing and so am I! 
Daddy Details: He is settling with the idea of three weddings, three sororities, three cars and three in college. But, I personally think that three little girls are JUST what he needs. 

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  1. Three little daughter's make for a very happy Daddy! Your Daddy knows for sure! Glad it all is going so well, can't wait to hold her.