You Make Me Brave

 Life with toddler twins is busy, busy. (to say the least!)

I'm sure some of you (family & friends who read this blog! Nanny.... I AM BACK.)
have noticed my lack of writing over the last two months. 

While running errands with the twins, I heard a song on the radio.
 You Make Me Brave- By: Amanda Cook 
Why am I just NOW hearing this amazing song? I guess timing is perfect. It is now on the top of my playlist! 

The lyrics have completely touched my heart during this phase of our life as a family. Growing a tiny Tennison, parenting the twins, working on my business with R+F, playing roles as a leader in MOPS and in AMAMOM, church/home group, loving on friendships, and the everyday roles as Mom and Dad can be tough and just feel like a lot at times. Fitting everything in can be hard. As much as I love everything about the list above, life can just seem like a lot. 

In the songs chorus, mentioned above, she says, "Be brave, for You are for us, You are not against us." This is so true.  I'll be honest, there are days when I feel overwhelmed by the todo lists, play dates, chores, cleaning... the list goes on! I know the Lord has me in His hand, but phew, exhaustion can get the best of us. She also says, "You make me brave. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves." I feel called, called to mentor, give of my time, and get the girls out of the house and into relationships with others their age.   

Thanks for the reminder, Miss Amanda Cook! I love your song.  I've got this.  Life isn't easy and sometimes the waves may be intimidating. All in all, my family is worth every second and are what is important.  With the girls in preschool two days a week for a few hours, I am enjoying the time to run errands, laundry and house chores, enjoying a little ME time, and welcoming the girls home with more energy than when I dropped them off. 
Plus, they love it!

With that.... I'm back!  Be watching for more life posts, folks!

{You Make Me Brave- By: Amanda Cook} 
sing it out, and enjoy 

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