Fall Fun/Happy Halloween *late- better than never!

Fall Fun/Halloween 2014 
The Dallas Arboretum has an amazing pumpkin display for little ones 
(and lets be honest, it's amazing for adults to see, too!) 

Layton *Pumpkin head* and Hadley

Layton & Hadley {24 months}

Kisses for Momma

Pumpkin Patch petting zoo by our home

The girls were Go-Go Girls/Dancers for 
Halloween this year! 
We took them trick or treating in our home towns adorable downtown Square! I love the small town feel of our big city, McKinney.  Every holiday the city does something family related in the square! The girls were a little spooked by some of the faces and masks, but over all did great walking up to the strangely dressed strangers and getting candy. They kept pointing and saying, "ooooooh". Next year will be a blast. They'll truly "get" it! 

{Ps- I had made go-go boots for the girls to wear... total Pinterest fail on this Mommas part. 
They ripped them right off.}

Gram and Grumps came along for the fun, too! We went back to their neighborhood country club to let the girls jump and go down a blow up slide. We were shocked that they climbed up ALL by themselves and went down the large slide.  

Hadley loved flipping to her belly and sliding down

After "Scare in the Square" and slide fun, we headed down to our neighbors, Chuck and Ashley's, home for a Halloween cookout! They have two large, fake, black spiders *thats a little creepy* on their home. Every time we drive by, the girls call out, "Itsy!" We sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, too! It was my way of keeping them from getting scared. The entire time that we were at the cookout, the girls pointed out the, Itsy Bitsy, spiders. 

This age is a blast! They are too cute, and we just love watching them grow! To view our little Pumpkins from last year, click HERE! 

We hope you all had a wonderful Fall! 

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