Chapter 72: Growing Girls

H & L, 

This 6 month of having you two in our little family has been OH SO much fun! You have grown so much and I love every bit of it. 

You both have: 
-learned to sit up
-learned to spit your food (I laugh.. it's messy, but FUN!)
-learned to sleep 12 hours
-learned how to play independently
-grown two teeth (Hadley) 
-enjoy reaching out to touch (grab-their-fur) Hondo and Sophie
-started to grab one another (I can't wait to watch you grow up together!) 
-continued to laugh, giggle, and coo
-loved the schedule we have you on 

Mom and Dad have:
-put away your baby swings (yay)
-let you cry it out at night to help you learn to self soothe
-enjoyed watching you grow
-constantly thank God for the two of you!

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  1. I thank God for them too and you and Michael for being such great parents!