Chapter 73: Big Girl Food

{Our New Family Adventure: Big Girl Food} 

We had so much fun with this new adventure. We started baby food around 5 months with the girls. We did rice cereal first and slowly added a veggie in every other night. We haven't done many fruits, as I know once we introduce those we may be in trouble. I took on the task of putting on my chef hat and making the girls food. Puree peas, carrots & sweet potatoes have been super easy! I mix in breast milk to add a little familiar sweetness. 

As the girls turned 7 months old, I thought we could try big girl food! 
This was our first experience with... 
cheese puffs!
Man... it sure was messy, but the girls LOVED them. They chewed all over these yummy little things. Layton is still warming up to the idea. We have tried banana flavored puffs too. 

The girls have taken to food great.  I am making it, which is fun (at times)! I know it is what is best for their little bellys! Nice and fresh... but, I'm not gonna lie, we do have a few containers of baby food in the pantry as sometimes it's just easier! 

Here are few pictures of Layton and Hadley enjoying a baby cheese puff for the first time.  Please don't judge their messiness! 
We have fun at dinner time.
 Girls: This is cute for now... when you are older, we will learn table manners. 

please excuse the peas...

Check out these precious wrist rolls...

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