Chapter 77: Box labels printed... check!

"Should we sell? Should we move?
 Pray a little.. pray a lot...hummm...Let's just try!"

Our home went fast and God had his hand on and with us along the process. I told Michael after the twins were born that I knew we were going to grow out of our home faster then we expected. Well, we did! Remember this picture?
 Toys-R-Us took over our home... 
Laughing at all the comments. 

It doesn't hurt that one of my best friends, Lindsey Knight, is a Realtor, so she along with a few other friends gave us the push we needed to put the house on the market to sell. It is a fabulous time to sell! So, we jumped off the ledge, knowing that it could possibly be a bumpy road. We knew that our home would sell quick, it's a great house. It was finding a new home that I had been worried about.

You see, I have had my heart set on a neighborhood that I have loved for a long time! It had all of the checks that I had on my home wish list. Frisco ISD Schools, Stonebridge Ranch (love all the amenities), and the Frisco/McKinney area! It's a small neighborhood with a great park/pond/area for picnics. Basically.... perfect for raising children! I could see us jogging with the twins, picnics in the park, swinging at the playgound, and playing in the front/back yard. 

When we would drive through this neighborhood, we always had the "this is it" feeling. There were children outside playing and young families enjoying their neighbors in the yard. We wanted to be there... and THERE only.  I knew it would be hard. Michael said that we could get an apartment and wait for the perfect house to come on the market. (in THAT neighborhood) I was okay with that... not excited, but okay. 

Well, waiting wasn't necessary and neither was an apartment. God came through. We put our house on the market and had 6 full price offers in two days. Numerous offers asking above listing price. I told our realtor, Lindsey, that I didn't want to look at homes until ours sold. I didn't want to get my heart set on a home that we couldn't get due to not selling ours.  Ours sold... and the inspection process started. Just 4 days later a house came available in Aspendale! THE neighborhood. God send or what? 

We walked through the front door and it felt like home. It has a BE-U-TIFUL fireplace, (fireplaces are a big deal to Michael and I. I know, we are weird!)  Open kitchen to the living areas, perfect play room for the girls, and a extra room/full bath for guests.  The girls will one day have a Jack and Jill bathroom to share along with their own rooms. Last on my wish list was carpet in the living areas, so their sweet little knees can crawl around without being bruised. (our current home is all hardwood floors, (beautiful, but....poor heads for falls and knee's while crawling.)

We put in an offer and it was accepted!! I was so nervous and wouldn't let myself get excited until the acceptance came through!
The Tennison's are moving! 
I prayed and prayed and prayed that were were making the best decision for our family. It is shown that we did! We will miss this adorable home that we brought out sweet little ones home to. But, raising them in this new home will be very special and more appropriate for our quickly grown family. I truly believe that God brought us to this decision. It was always something that Michael and I talked about. We would go back and forth, back and forth, on making a decision. Should we? no.. yes.. no.. yes.. We are thankful that this process was an easy one for us. Now, let the fun begin. PACKING! Don't you worry... the type A personality Ann Marie already has color coded box labels ready. Yep, that's right. I do! And I'm excited about it, too :). 

You know you like em'.

Thank you, Lord. 
You helped us get here... and you will guide us through this new adventure of Michael and Me with Layton and Hadley. 

Aspendale Neighbors: 
Watch out, the Tennison family is moving in!  Grab your boxes and head on over... we'll take all the help we can get. 

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  1. So glad for you. I know it was soon but, the time was right. You just have to go with the feeling. So many are making moves this summer. We will babysit while you move!