Chapter 76: Let's Sell?? SOLD!

 The Tennison's are moving! 

We love McKinney. 
We love the Stonebridge Ranch Community.
We love our home. 
Why move?

We need a bit more space to raise our precious little girls. We knew this was coming when our family jumped from 2 to 4.

Here are some pictures of the girls and I this past weekend. We had to be out of our home for showings.  

Yes, I darkened my hair. Yes, it's dark. But, I like it! 
Layton likes it, too! 

It was a success. We had numerous offers for our precious home. God blessed us with an easy road thus far in the home selling process. Let's hope finding one will run just as smoothly.
 Off to drive around with the twins on the house search!  
First stop-  Chicken Express for some SWEET TEA!

I know I'll miss this home! It's where we brought home our sweet little ones.

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