Chapter 7- Be lifted in your faith!

As a child and teenager, most grew up hearing the saying, "Life isn't always fair"! As a child you threw on the best frown you had and walked away. As an adult, I feel that many times we want to do the same. (And some do!) The truth of the matter is that this saying is honest and true- yet many forget or don't look to Him to walk you through those times in life.  Life isn't always fair! I feel that when life changes unexpectedly or the passing of friends or family members enter your life, ones true colors and Faith in the Lord shine through.  These stages of life are what it is to be held by Him. When we fall, He will lift us. When we fail, He will help us pass through. When we break down, He will build us back. Let Him hold you. Let him Hold you through Life's unfair moments.... His promise will never fail, even when you fall. This weekend, I went with a few girl friends to Hope's Women's Conference. Charlotte Gambill, was the speaker, she was fabulous! Natalie Grant sang worship songs that brought us to tears! It was everything I could have imagined and more! Just fabulous!  One of the key phrases that Charlotte mentioned that really stuck with me was the phrase, "Don't lock yourself down".  God will grab you (sometimes more forceful then others) and lift you in your Faith as you go through life.  We are to let Him lift us! But it's important to realize that just as he lifts us up, it's only temporary. God wants and will place you back down. We can't always be lifted.  He wants us to be able to speak out our faith. The song, Held by Natalie Grant spoke to me! My hope is that you allow Him to lift you when you have your moments of "Life not being fair", and realize that through prayer His power can do it all!

Held- Natalie Grant 
It takes a few minutes to download- press play and then pause to let it start to download. :) Then come back soon to watch!

Here is another favorite that brought me to tears Easter Sunday. Grab some tissues... What a touching video. 

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