Warm Days=LOVE!

We've had some warm days here and there throughout the last few months... 
I'm not the winter weather type. 
I'd take warm weather over cold any day! And it's nice to get the girls out to play.

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow: 
here are a few of my most loved things...

1. my sweet Michael
2. our girls
3. our families
4. coffee (with LOTS of flavored creamer)
5. Sunday mornings at church/ our home group
6. red wine
7. friendship
8. sunny/warm days
8. running 
9. hosting 
10. sleeping in! (never happens these days!)

These girls have our HEARTS!

Sweet sister whispers! 

Michael's hunting this weekend with Lances best buds, Uncle Sean and Grumps! They started an annual hunting trip in Lances' honor after a fun trip they all had together last year. 
I know they are having a great time. 

While they're gone, you'll find us playing outside! 
It's GORGEOUS here for the month of February.

While the girls nap, I think I'll head out to the porch to read a little before the zoo :) is back in full force! 

Ann Marie 


  1. Love them all, but that last picture is the best! Love your list and by the time you can sleep in, your body clock will not be able to adjust and you will wake up early anyway!