Chapter 80 : On the Move 8 1/2 months

On the move...
(pictures are getting blurry! 8 1/2 months) 

Hadley crawls across the room and Layton rolls. They both get to point B, just in different ways. Play time has become very interesting. 
Good bye "sit and play" babies! Hello "on the go" babies. 

The girls are all over these days! It has been such a joy watching them grow over the last month.  

Layton TALKS up a storm.
(to her hand, toy, Sophie, me, the wall) It's hilarious. Her head bobble is worthy of its own blog post.  

 Did I mention that Hadley has 2 teeth and has 3 more coming in? When she smiles, it's the cutest thing in the world. 
(poor little teething baby) 
 Layton is getting her first tooth!

Welcome Summer. Babies in bathing suits have to be the cutest thing ever. period. Let the pool time begin!

Baby gates will be going up soon. 

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