Chapter 90: Loving on two!


You are both little love bugs! I could just squeeze your little selves ALL day, everyday. 
{which i do} 
I know all babies love to be held. If I could, I would hold you each ALL day!!  Michael and I were talking and I decided that I don't want you to grow ANY more. He on the other hand, wants you to be big girls, who love to run around and play! (he can't wait to teach you how to throw a baseball!) You are both at the age where you don't like to lose sight of me. It's okay. I really don't like to be away from you either. Once I am out of the room... you both start to play and are J-UUU-ST fine. I think it helps having two of you! You see the other is there and are happy.
This allows Mommy to do the dishes or throw in a load of laundry. FYI: time to baby proof?? yes.. yes, we did! Our house now has a gate that leads up the stairs and plastic plugs in every light socket.  

I remember the day you were born, feeling so drawn to you! 
I wanted to be near you ALL the time. I always thought this might fade. 
{it hasn't} 
I am still absolutely obsessed with you two! Don't tell anyone... but, there are times that I can't wait for you to wake up, so I can snuggle your little necks! 
I don't wake you... promise! Yet, when I do go upstairs to get you, you brighten my day with your giggles and smiles. GOSH- I smile about it as I type. You'll be waking any minute now from your morning nap. 

All in all- I love this "crawl in my lap, pull my sleeve to stand up, snuggle stage!" 
10 month olds.. do NOT leave. Stay, stay, stay, stay little!
I love you,

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