Chapter 1- Our Book Begins

I love books! I love the way books look on shelves.  I love to read books (when I have time). I love the way my students faces light up when I read new books to them. Life is an open book. We each are living our own book and write the pages daily. Chapters unfold and we grow from lessons learned from the pages written.  Some of our books are shorter, some longer and sometimes new books emerge. Have you ever looked back on stories you have written in your life? We live amazing lives, don't we? Sometimes our chapter's are bumpy, rough, or uneasy. Those chapter's seem to stand out in our lives. But, what about the wonderful, happy, loving chapter's? Those are the best parts of our stories.  Each of these types of chapter's come to an end and a new chapter starts. 

This is our life- our book(s).  Why not write it down and fill the shelves....this is the story of Michael and Me! 

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  1. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to follow along. I am your first follower! Hmmm, there are by now a thousand chapters in my story. Each one unique and each one a part of the journey that make life complete.