Chapter 2- Holiday's

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Everyone seems to be busily getting ready for Christmas. I want the time to go back... back to Thanksgiving. It rushed by- way to fast! I think it partially went fast for me due to being extremely busy with photography, teaching, school activities, Junior League, decorating for the holiday's, shopping, editing pictures, girls nights.. and the list goes on. There are times when I wish I could make time freeze and enjoy the moment. 

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a "Chili" Night at my Aunt Joanie's. We had so much fun- eating, drinking, laughing, picture taking, and talking "family".  I remember leaving being so excited that it wasn't over! I was going to be able to see everyone the next day! What a blessed feeling-- To know that everyone that means the most to you in the entire world is ALL going to be together, again. IN ONE HOME! The next day, we packed my Mom and Dad's house FULL! I think the total was in it's thirties? (correct me if I am wrong, Mom) How often does this happen? This was another- freeze moment. Thanksgiving then came and went. My Mom's house was packed, stomaches were filled, much wine was drank, toasts given, a blast had by all! I wouldn't have had it any other way! It was perfect- everyone was present (minus a few cousins) and my sweet Granddad, who was and always is with us in our thoughts and in prayers. 

We had Thanksgiving with Michael's family the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year. It was wonderful! We were blessed to have Michael's Grandparents; Grandmother and Granddad and Bonnie with us at Denise and Steve's new home. Lance and Haley brought their new puppy, Slugger and we had Sophie and Hondo there, too! The dogs had a wonderful time running around. The guys watched football and the girls decorated! It was great to all be together for the holiday. Freeze time- freeze!

This past Sunday we celebrated Christmas a little early at Grandmother and Granddad Tennison's home. We ate, sang Happy Birthday to Michael, opened presents and enjoyed being around each other! 

One word: THANKFUL!

Thankful- I am so very Thankful for this time in Michael and I's life. It has come and gone... and Christmas is on it's way.  My prayer these last two weeks have been- "Lord- Let me be "present" in this present of life that you have given me!" I think this request is something we all strive for during the holiday's with our loved ones. 

Enjoy the "presents" of life that you have been given by Him- not just the ones that are wrapped under your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

Psalm 145:7 

They will celebrate our abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. 

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