Chapter 13: You know you're pregnant when...

When you go to open a bottle of wine (for a friend :)) and realize your automatic wine opener is dead from lack of use.

When you can't see anything below your belly.

When you get a little out of breath from walking and talking at the same time!
(this is a hard one for me... for those that know me well know that I LOVE to go on a run and chit chat at the same time).

When you balance your Ipad on your belly to read at night.

When you no longer can make it through the night without going to the restroom. 

When random people start grabbing your belly. 
(I so want to reach back and grab theirs and see how they like it. :)

When you are thankful for flip flops. They are so much easier to put on then tennis shoes. 

When you ENJOY organizing... everything!

When you sleep with 3..4..5 pillows.

When you are actually okay with your stomach growing and growing...

When sucking in doesn't do anything for your figure.

When you consider vacuuming your home to be your "workout" for the day. :P

When taking pictures of your growing belly are memories that you want.