Chapter 98: 13months

Dear H&L: 

You were just turning ONE, like yesterday! How did this month pass by so quickly? Your little personalities seemed to switch. Hadley, you are more chill, intrigued by new things, content and just a DOLL! Layton, you my sweet girl, want attention. You have become a little drama queen. Can you just learn to talk already and tell me your needs and wants? You are still such a precious little one, and I don't mind this sassy little self! {*I blame teething! Those big ones coming in look painful.} 

Time change is... UGH annoying! 
(insert any other word of frustration here!) ____ you sunshine. 
You two are waking up around 6:30am! (We let you hang out till 7am and listen to you talk to one another! We pray you'll fall back asleep. Nope, wishful thinking!)  Yet, we can't help but smile as we are blessed with the happiest, giggly, huge grinned, babies when we come to get you from your nursery! 

Food! YUM- you eat just about anything! You do randomly get picky about weird things that are too soggy or that have a weird texture. You both like to throw those items onto the floor. 
{Hondo and Sophie love this!}

You still take two wonderful naps! An hour/hour 1/2 in the morning and then a two hour nap in the afternoon. It's great! You are such wonderful little sleepers. You are STILL going to bed right at 7pm. You've done this since you were born and don't seem to be pushing it back anytime soon. 

You two are the light of our lives! You have filled our family with an enormous sense of purpose. Life is harder, crazier, busier, funnier, but OH so much BETTER! 

Happy 13 months to our precious Hadley and Layton.
 You are slowing turning into toddlers. Watching you grow up is our favorite thing to do. But, keeping you little would be nice, too! 
We love you two OH SO very much.

Mommy and Daddy

*You're up from your nap. I hear you giggling and talking to one another. Precious! 

View the video here!

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