Chapter 99: Thankful Thanksgiving 2013

We are 
{Thankful and Grateful} 
for too many blessings this year! Here is our list of Thankful's this year

God's Grace
Michael & Ann Marie 
Layton & Hadley

Thanksgiving with one year olds was wonderful! Blessed is an understatement.  I could have cried numerous times on Thanksgiving just thinking about H&L. They are OURS! ALWAYS OURS! Thank you Lord for letting us keep them for you here on Earth.

The girls had a great time playing with all of our family members. They were loved on, held, kissed, and played with. Hadley walked everywhere and Layton is still content with just a few steps. The girls are STILL on a strict nap schedule, and have been since they were born. This strictness is wonderful yet, also not so great when you want to be "on the go!" Therefore, we work around naps. They are still taking two naps a day. 10:00-11:00am and then 2:00-4:00pm. We wished we could have traveled to Louisiana to visit with family, but traveling with TWO at this age is difficult. We hope to travel next year when one of their naps has dropped and "on the go" fits their little personalities better. We missed the Louisiana crew, yet, we will see you for the St. Patty's Weekend in a few months!
 Michael's Grandparents came over for Thanksgiving. It is so great to see them with H&L. Granddad made the girls their own little rocking chairs. They are precious! Such a gift. My Nanny (Dad's Mom) came in town for a LONG stay, which, we LOVED! Nanny was able to spend time with us and her great grandchildren. Memories that I know she cherishes, along with us! 
My Daddy was one happy camper to have his Mom in town for the length of time. Now... if we can only talk her into staying! 

Our boys weren't into taking pictures, therefore, the girls snapped a few! 

 I love my sisters!!! 

I think Lynley looks so beautiful in this picture! shhh.. don't tell her that I posted this....
 (side note: what's up with Laylay's bottom lip? ha! Silly girl)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Tennison Crew on Thursday and then the Kees Family on Saturday. We had a wonderful time with our families! 

 Tennison Family 

Kees Family 

This marks our 99th blog post! Yup.. 99! I am pretty shocked by that number. I can't wait to share with you our 100th family blog post! 
We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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