Heart Day 2014

I get asked quite frequently about what our favorite age has been with you two. I really, I mean REALLY, don't have an answer for that. Nope, there is not a favorite. 
Every SINGLE day beats the last. 
You are both so lovable and you continue to top each month that we think is great. We love every stage that you are in. You are 16 months old. 
You are officially OLD! 
Yup, for some reason, 15 months was still little, but, 16 months takes your age to another level. :) 

Watching you grow and learn each day makes your Daddy and I so happy. He was talking today about how much fun the two of you are. He is right. You are simply amazing and we love you so much.
Happy Valentine's Day H&L!

We love you both EVERYDAY, yet, on Valentine's Day, I thought I would tell you what we love about you the MOST! 

You little one are on the GO! ALL.THE.TIME.  Your GO all the time personality is my most favorite LOVE thing about you. If you look back at all of the pictures that I have taken of you, you are either walking for crawling! You are just like your Momma. Go, go and go some more. Although, I do have to say, when you do stop. You love to snuggle. You will flop in my lap and love on me, and it stops my heart. I want to just savor every time you snuggle up under my chin. I look at your dainty little body and I smile just thinking about you. I have a grin across my face as I type. You have the most precious little nose and lips. Your eyes are beautiful and have a little squint like your Momma's. Your long little legs will one day dance in ballerina slippers.

You my little one, are perfect. You are sweet. You are kind. You are independent. You my sweet baby are the most wonderful gift to your Daddy and I. We love you!
 Happy Valentines Day, Hadley Bug!

That precious little nose...

Mommy and Daddy 

Your giggle or should I say, squeal! It's contagious and your Daddy and I can just eat it up. I love that you laugh alot. It will be one of your best attributes! You sweet girl know exactly what you want and just talk, talk, talk to me, and want so badly for me to understand what you are saying. It makes me excited to think that you will one day love talking to me. I can't wait for long conversations with you. Blue eyed, brunette, yup, you are! I love your eyes and your beautiful dark locks of curls. I prayed for those. Your sister has lighter hair (it's too short to tell if it will curl) I love your little curly head. Getting you out of the bathtub is my favorite, as your damp curls cover your head! I sure hope it stays that way! Ohh.. and we can't forget about your lashes. Add mascara in a few years, and BAM! House arrest you will be on. You sweet girl melted your Momma's heart this week. You walked up with open arms and hugged me. oh.my.gosh. 

 My sweet Laylay: All in all, you love to dance. It melts me. I love your giggles. They melt me, too.   You are just precious. We don't know what we would do without you. We thank God for you! 
Happy Valentine's Day, Laylay pants!

Love, Mommy and Daddy 

God truly knew we didn't just need one.
We needed two.
We can't imagine life without each of you.

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