Happy Hearts.. CHEERS!

Valentine's Day 2014 
The twins enjoyed eating breakfast on special heart plates, swinging at the park, and then will spend the night playing with Mommy and Daddy! 

Exchanging Valentine's Cards 

Happy Heart Day!

Last weekend, Michael talked about trying out a new beer. While he searched for it at the store, I grabbed a wine that I hadn't ever tried! CHEERS! 

I took note of his comment and picked up 6 different beers for him for Valentine's Day! Michael took note of my side comment(s) ;) and got me a massage! score. My upper left shoulder has been bothering me. {I need to see a Chiropractor!}

Tonight, we are exchanging love letters to each other and doing dinner in with the twins! Our life group from church is doing a wonderful Married Bible Study together. It started last week and our leader suggested to write each other a love note. We are doing our homework and I am excited! 

Yes... this post does involve beer/wine/and God! tehehe! It's fine. Really, it is. Don't judge. 
Or leave me mean comments.. it's vday. 
Love you all!

Perfect day!! 
The Tennison's


  1. I use Taylor family chiropractic in Frisco. Love Dr.Taylor-- he helped me so much when I was prego with both girls!

  2. The girls look even sweeter on Valentine's Day! Looks like it was a great one.

  3. Thanks, Amanda! I may have to give them a call! Yes, Mom, always sweet! :)