Let's get real- life can be hard!

Life in general can be hard.. add children in the mix, 2 at that, life can be real hard. 

People, as in random strangers, ask me ALL the time. "How do you do it with TWO babies?" I now respond with this... 
"God gives me the patience and drive to push through the exhausting days. There are way more amazing days that overrule the exhausting ones." When I say that we want more children.. they look at me like I am crazy! Nope, not crazy people. I just love my little family!! 

I know I couldn't do this without His love and support in me. When the days are long and H&L are crawling in my lap for love and attention. I know He is smiling down on me and saying, "You, my daughter, were given these children to love on and enjoy, use the hard days to be thankful for the good days." It may be hard at times, but the laughter, giggles, hugs and kisses from these two make life worth living.

 I always knew I wanted children! But, man, I didn't realize that I needed them. 

Your Momma not only wanted you both so TERRIBLY bad, but, I look at you now and realize that I needed you just as much. I can't wait to watch you grow up. 

Happy 16 months... 
May you grow to be your Momma's best friends. 


  1. So true. These sweet little ones show us more than I would've ever thought they could. Such a blessing.