Chapter 38: 1 Month Old

Happy 1 month birthday!

{One Month Check Up }
Layton Aaron
Weight: 6lbs 9oz
Height: 19 1/2in
Head Cir: 13 3/4
Vaccine: Hep B

{One Month Check Up }
Hadley McKee
Weight: 7lbs 1oz
Height: 19 3/4in
Head Cir: 14in
Vaccine: Hep B

The weather is beautiful here in McKinney!  I am soaking it in as long as I can! (If you consider taking the dogs out in the backyard for a few minutes counting!) It has been in the 70's this past week. Next week it is supposed to get into the upper 60's, which is still wonderful!

**What have we been up to this week?**
On Thursday, we went on our first outing! Well.. you stayed in  the car in your car seats, but it was still nice. We went through the Chick-Fil-A drive through and I enjoyed my first sweet tea in I don't know how long! It was wonderful. We then headed to Ashley Elementary to see my friend, Becky. She got engaged this week and I couldn't wait to hug her neck and see her beautiful ring. She ran outside to show off her bling and other staff members made their way outside to take a peak at the two of you. We then made one more stop to drop off your car seat covers to get monogrammed. Fortunately, they are being done by my friend, Michelle, and she came out to the car to get them and see you! You both stayed cozy in the car. To top off the week, we went to your 1 month check up appointment. It was a fun week and you both are growing and doing great!

Your Great Great Grandma's and Grandpa are coming in town on Monday to visit you two! I can't hardly wait until they arrive.

You are so loved by so many!


  1. Keep us posted on the blog, so we can keep up with them.....Laverne Cloughly