Chapter 41- 7 Weeks Old

{7 Weeks Old}
You are both getting so big!
You continue to, oh so cutely, stretch out your legs and arms once we un-swaddle you.  You are also both grasping at objects with your hands much more! Watch out ladies... you may want to pull up your hair before grabbing a baby! 

swing, swing, swing
You both have a strong love for your comfy little swings. 
ZZZzzz.... You are both still on a 4 hour sleep schedule.
Grub Time: You are both taking around 4 ounces of milk at each feeding.
Weight:  You both seem to growing wonderfully! You are starting to have a few lovely rolls/creases on your upper thighs.  I can't wait for your cheeks to plump up.
While you are awake, I enjoy talking and singing to each of you. I try and describe things that I see.  I can't wait for you to talk back. (we have a while!) I know when I am talking to you, alone in the house, I may seem/sound crazy but I know that sounds and sights are all learning opportunities.  
We are looking forward to welcoming December with our 8 week old twins! You both have your Christmas stockings hanging at the end of each of your cribs! Welcome Santa!
We will be going for your 8 week check up next Thursday!

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