Chapter 40- Oh the Joy...

Having twins has been a blessing! I am so grateful for these two additions to our family. 
We thank God daily for each of them and as much as we love them, the first few weeks with new born twins can be exhausting, enjoyable, and funny!! Funny? Oh yes!

One morning, I decided that blueberry muffins sounded great. I gathered the ingredients needed and poured the mix into a bowl.  Right about the time as I was about to start mixing the ingredients, one of the girls started to wake.  One feeding led to another feeding and one diaper change led to another. The day continued on...
My Mom came over that evening and as we were standing in the kitchen we both laughed as my blueberry muffin mix and ingredients were still sitting on the counter.. not mixed or made.
Oh, the joys of being a Mom of multiples.
Diapers... who would think different brands would truly be THAT different.  Momma's to be... let me just tell ya, THEY ARE!

Pampers VS Huggies  
Newborns have interesting and all types of poopy diapers. Gross, I know!  Michael was helping me with the 6am feeding before he headed to work.  He feed, changed, and put down sweet Hadley.  Off to work he went.  About an hour later, I received a phone call from him. Yeah, you guessed it! Hadley had pooped while eating and it had come out of her diaper and onto Michael's pants. :( Poor Michael spent the work day with baby poop on his dress pants.
Oh, the joys of being a Dad of multiples!
 Pampers.. you ROCK!
Huggies.. you did the opposite of hugging sweet Hadley's bottom. YUCK!

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