15 Months

Twin talk with 
Hadley and Layton

You are both such little sweeties! At 15 months, your personalities seemed to have bloomed and I love every ounce of each of them! You both are ALL over the place & it is so much fun. It is adorable to see two little humans walking around the house. It just makes me grin thinking about it. 

I love asking you questions and seeing your response.  
"Is it time for night, night?" or "Are you sleepy?" With either of those comments, you'll each walk to your nursery. 
"Ready to go, bye, bye?" You both walk to the back door! 
"Who's ready for bath time?" Off you head to our master bathroom. 

You both are still taking two naps a day. I know... it's wonderful!! You both nap from 10-11am and 2-4pm.  I keep thinking that you will drop your morning nap by now, but, nope! You love your sleep! (so does Momma!)You are still going to bed at 7pm and waking up anywhere between 7-7:30am. 

 You are both teething right now and it is super sad. Layton has 10 teeth and Hadley has 11 teeth! Your big ones in the back, molars, are coming in. OUCH! These bigger teeth are giving you both the most pain. ugh. I remember when you were getting your first few teeth, a tooth would just pop in and I would have NO idea! 

At 15 months you...
You love to play, "Peek-A-Boo!" and "Where is Hadley/Layton?"
You love singing and doing the motions to, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." 
Reading is a passion of both of yours. You enjoy turning the pages. 
You love to swing at the park. (Layton shakes her head and hands to motion, "NO" when I go to take her out!) You have yet to tell us, "NO!" I'm just waiting for that day. 
We have a new found love of blue berry muffins! YUM! 
You play nicely together, unless you both want the same toy at the same time. You'll take toys from one another and you both don't like this very much. ;)  
When you get upset; you both sit down, and throw yourself on your backs. Drama.
You still love bath time. 
You are both talking, too! 
Momma, Dada, hi, "gy" (doggy), "uh uh" (uh oh), "ooooh" (Moo) There are lots of words that we have NO clue what you are saying.  We are still trying to figure out what they are. 
You both just- talk, talk, talk! (babble!)
Layton, you have SO much to say to us. You will go on and on and on. 
You both know where your nose, eyes, and ears are! 
You hate putting on your night time diaper/pjs! Naked babies! 
Layton- you HATE getting your diaper changed! Ever. Period.  
Bows and socks are harder to stay on your heads/feet.
Hadley is a giggler when she wakes up and layton is a "sit quite and don't talk to me" waker-upper. Layton takes her time, where Hadley is ready to play!
Balls are SO much fun to throw. You both love to watch them bounce down the entry way hall. You could play with balls for an hour. 
We said, "Good Bye" to your night time bottle this month! Just sippy cups, now! You still love bottles and both tried to steal them from a baby today at MOPS. You do just fine without them.
When the weather is nice, you both love to go on strolls around the neighborhood. 
Hadley still sleeps with her, "Bevo" and Layton has her bunny- "Floppy", paci, and lovie blanket.

Gosh, you both have a lot of LOVES, but you are both the biggest LOVE to each of us! We love you two, the most! 
Thank you for making us smile everyday. You have brought more joy to our lives then we ever would have thought possible. 

We never thought our hearts could love this much. 
They can. And DO!

Momma and Daddy

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