Gobble, Gobble @ 15months

The twins are great little eaters! They share, too! It's so cute to watch them hand each other food. Hadley takes Layton's grapes... she doesn't share those! 

Food at 15 months:
Chop, chop, chop! I probably over chop food items- just being careful. With all their teeth (they have had LOADS come in this past month) They can eat just about anything! 
Hadley has 11 teeth and Layton has 9.

 I have always given the girls their veggies and fruit before I give them their "main" coarse! I don't really know why.... I just figured, I'd rather them get in a few healthy choices first! They pretty much eat anything and everything we give them. When we cook a meal, we chop it up for them. Many nights we eat after the girls have eaten, so I am preparing their food before we cook. 

Dinner prep and lunch prep are SO important to me! I try and make everything as easy as possible. 
I use containers to split up their veggies and fruit for each day of the week! I have them separated by meal into plastic containers or baggies. It takes just a few minutes on Sunday afternoon/ or nap time during the week, and we are set. This allows me to just GRAB and FEED! :) 

{food favorites at 15 Months} 
Breakfast options: fruit, cheerios, yogurt, applesauce, mini pancakes, mini waffles, jelly toast, blue berry muffins (with milk) 
Lunch/dinner: fruits (all kinds) and veggies (little bit of everything!) along with one of the following- fish, chicken and hotdogs! They also LOVE pizza and pasta! Any type of pasta, they love! We do pasta about once a week. (messy!) 
(drink choices: water- lunch and milk with dinner)

cherrios, bananas, grapes, puffs, crackers, peas 
(I know..crazy, but they LOVE green peas!) 

{bottles?/sippy cups}
The girls were getting a bottle with a few ounces of milk before bedtime. WELL....We have dropped the girls night time bottle! WAHOO! We held onto that longer than I wanted... it's JUST fine, Right? But, they're gone and put away. No more nighttime bottles. 
We are bottle free!  (until our next baby, that is) 

{milk & H2O}
I haven't given the girls juice. My doctor recommended waiting as long as possible. Her goal is 2 years! (and longer if you can!) So, that's what we are doing! Michael and I have never bought the girls juice... so, they don't know what they are missing. :) I started adding a sippy cup to their cribs when they were sick with runny noses. I wanted to make sure they were getting enough liquids. Each morning, their water was almost gone. These little ones LOVE to drink water throughout the night. My Dr. gave me the okay the leave a sippy cup of water in their cribs. Speaking of cups! We added a few little cups to your bath water for you to play with. Instead, you pick them up and take sips. (soapy water tastes good? -yuck-) Yet, you are learning how to drink out of big girl cups! 

You love to play with spoons! You both try your very best to scoop up food. {try!}

I love cooking for you two! 

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