Chapter 100: Fresh look!

Our blog has a new and improved look! 

I wanted our 100th chapter...yes, 100th CHAPTER to be a good one! The more I thought about what to write, the more confused I got! Therefore, the designer wanna be in me thought, "How about a new blog design!" 

Well, here it is! 

Reflecting back through the Chapters of this book of our life, I think from here on out- I may just add a "title" and not a "chapter".  Just keepin' life simple will be our motto over the next year. I think the new look does that justice. 

I have really enjoyed sharing our life. It feels like yesterday, I was writing, Chapter 1! Being a Mommy and sharing our story through writing and pictures has been something that I truly enjoy! I hope you'll stay and enjoy reading about the next chapters of our little life as a family. 

Click the links below to read through some of my favorite Chapters in our first blog book-

Chapter 75: Mother's Day

I'm still working out a few details for the new "look" of our blog! But, for now... Here it is!

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  1. Love the new look! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings.... Lori