Chapter 19: From Teacher to Mommy

Teaching children has always been a passion of mine and as the tears fell from my eyes as I packed up my things Monday, I knew this was a sign that I love what I do (did)!  I know God gave me the gift to work with a room full of small children (and 20 sets of parents).. and STILL eagerly wake up knowing that this career was what God intended for me to do. :) Each day in a Kindergarten classroom comes with excitement, exhaustion, and lots of love! As hard as it was for me to pack up my classroom and say good bye to my wonderful team, this past Spring, I know that I made the right decision.  But packing my things and moving them home... that was really, really, hard for me! I am sure my husband thought I was crazy as the tears flowed down my face (in public) in the middle of dinner last night. :) I know that everything will be okay- staying home with these two angels will be wonderful and everything will work out.  This is something that I have always dreamed of...Mommy hood! 

 My days from a Kindergarten teacher to a Mommy will be similar yet different at the same time.  
*Calendar songs will be turned into tunes of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Lullabies.  
*Snack time will be MORE frequently :) 
*Recess- let's just call that tummy time
*Learning time-we will be doing lots of that 
*PE, art, music, computer-Mommy play dates
*"Please", "Thank you", "Yes Ma'am", and "No Ma'am" (minding our manners) will continue
*Great teachers never stop learning- I plan on learning a lot as a Mom
*Hugs from my sweet kinder kids will be turned into kisses, giggles, and coo's from my own little ones. 

So, as I sit back and think of how my days in the classroom will be missed, I know my days with these two sweet girls will be loved and cherished! Thank you Lord for allowing me to be home with Hadley and Layton. Thank you for allowing me to work at Sonntag a few hours a week to get my teacher/big kid fix/love and hugs. Thank you for providing me with loving friends and family members who are here to support me with this decision. 
This crazy adventure He is about to take us on is going to be a wild ride. 
 A ride that we have wanted, waited, and prayed for! God's timing is perfect. Buckle Up Tennison's....

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  1. Love it, Ann! You and Melissa have always been so sweet! I know you will be a fabulous mother! Enjoy each moment!!