Chapter 20: Twin Talk

How Far Along: 30 weeks!! Measuring at 37 weeks (if I had a singleton baby! )   

Size of Babies: Baby A is 2 lbs 10 oz and Baby B is 3 lbs! 
What You’re Doing this week: We attended a 'Moving Away' party for our friend Ben last weekend at Mel and Sean's home and then spent a fun day at the pool and wedding for Anna and Spencer! This week I am crafting, attending a doctors appointment, and visiting friends as they start back to 
Cravings: Frozen Yogurt  
Sleep: I'm either getting used to not getting as much, or it is getting better!

New News: No more back pain! Wahoo... I am not sure why it left, but I am so excited! It sure has been nice! 

Weight Gain:  23 lbs- with twins....I am thankful for this number!  
Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 
Fetal Movement: Yes, they had a blast "dancing" at the Smith wedding! I have started documenting their movements each night. Not only can I feel them moving, but you can watch my belly move now too!! 

Mommy and Baby Details: Last week, we had the dreaded juice glucose test. It wasn't that bad (they had it in the refrigerator, which I think helped) and we passed! :) My weight gain has been great for a pregnancy with twins and still no stretch marks! Wahoo!! Common belly- you can do this.... We will start documenting their heart rates at 31 weeks. (NST- Non Stress Test) I will get to be hooked up to a monitor for 20 minutes twice a week. This data will compare their heart rates as we make it through our last 7 weeks of pregnancy with twins! :) So far there is no mention of bed rest and we hope to make it to 38 weeks. 

Now to move on to our nice 30 week black and white photoshoot (sonogram) from today- You both are beautiful!!! Baby A is still head down and Baby B is head up (breach)! Baby A is facing my back- therefore, I don't feel her move as much. Baby B is facing head up- so I feel all of her kicks and punches. :) You are both growing and putting on weight, therefore we are THANKFUL! We were able to monitor your heart rates today and both of you looked wonderful.   

*Note to Hadley and Layton: Your Momma and Daddy are getting so excited about meeting you! We have your last baby shower in two weeks at Aunt Melissa's and Uncle Sean's home.  We are so excited to celebrate you both with friends and family. You should feel very blessed to know that ALL 4 of your GREAT Grandma's will be at your baby shower and both of your Grandma's. We'll capture many pictures to share with you!    

Daddy Details: "Sit down!" "Don't move!" and "I'll get it for you." are the most common words out of Michael's mouth these days. Cute...

Anyways... Louisiana Tech plays Texas A&M this Thursday night! We are super excited to watch the game! GO Bulldogs!!

These pictures are from week 28! :) 

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