Chapter 18- Twin Talk (3rd Trimester!)

How Far Along: 28 weeks... We are thrilled to be entering the THIRD TRIMESTER!  

Size of Babies: Small Cabbage  (2.9 lbs each)
What You’re Doing this week: Organizing and planning the girls nursery! This week I am searching for the perfect rug and lamp for their sweet bedroom. 

Cravings: Nothing really... I would LOVE a huge Dr. Pepper, but that will have to wait! 
Sleep: Sleep? What's that? hehe No really... I think God is giving me a little dose of what is to come. Hey- if this is the "hard" part of pregnancy for me, I'll take the lack of sleep.  I have been so grateful for such a wonderful and fun pregnancy!

Weight Gain:  18 lbs. 
Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 
Symptoms: None- just a growing, growing, growing belly! 
Fetal Movement: Oh, yes!! The girls have been competing in their own Twin Olympics! Gold Metals for both! Twin A moves much more then Twin B.
Baby Details: The girls are 16 inches tall now (nearly as tall as they will be at birth).  Their wrinkled skin is smoothing out as more fat is deposited to their sweet little bones! This next fact came to be very comforting for this Mommy of twins. Babies born this week, though premature, have an excellent prognosis because their lungs have reached the point (for the most part) of maturity. Phew- this made me feel good! 
*Note to Hadley and Layton: Your Momma and Daddy want you to stay in your little hotel :) as long as possible- so don't be making any grand entrance any time soon!

Daddy Details: This week Michael has been actively putting together each new item that comes in the mail or that has been given to us as a gift! He has set up both of the girls swings, bouncy chairs, running stroller, and their cribs!! What a good builder he is! We love you!

After our last baby shower- My wonderful sisters and Mom came over to help unpack/and put away items. And help they did! Lynley unpacked and built the diaper genie and put it away while Melissa and Mom unpacked clothes and organized the other gifts. Melissa and Lynley wanted to be a part of our weekly pictures. 

Here is our week 27 picture!

Sophie and Hondo wanted in on a picture! 
Sweet Sophie needed a hair cut- she got one this week! :) She is nice and skinny now. 

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  1. Don't we all wish a hair cut could make us skinny again! It is so much fun to help with getting everything ready. Won't be long now. Layton and Hadley will arrive and the fall holidays will start! How great is that.